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All applicants must be located and work in Canada to be eligible.

Eligible applicants must be:

Not-for-profit organizations, for example: Option 1

  • educational institutions (such as, colleges and universities)
  • sign language interpreter associations, and
  • organizations representing sign language users

For-profit organizations, for example: Option 2

  • sign language service providers that will not financially profit from the project

For-profit organizations are eligible if the nature and intent of the activity:

  • is non-commercial
  • is not intended to generate profit, and
  • supports program priorities and objectives

Note to organizations located and operating in Quebec

The Quebec National Assembly adopted the Act respecting the Ministère du Conseil exécutif (M-30). The provision of this Act imposes certain conditions on Quebec government bodies and certain other entities wanting to contract with the federal government.

Applicants may consult the provisions of M-30 before submitting their concept application form to make sure they are in compliance with the Act respecting the Ministère du Conseil exécutif (M-30).

Any entity that is subject to the Act must receive approval from M-30 before signing any agreement with the Government of Canada.


Your concept must meet all the following criteria:

  • maximum duration cannot be more than 36 months and must end by March 31, 2027
  • milestones and timelines are clear and feasible

Concept application form

Note: The deadline to apply has been extended to September 15, 2023, instead of September 8, 2023.

Your concept application form must meet all the following criteria:

  • is sent to the department by September 15, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. (EDT)
  • provides overall budget details, and other funding sources (if applicable)
  • does not exceed the maximum of $2,000,000 per concept
  • shows how it meets at least 1 of the 3 call for concept objectives (what, how and who)
  • shows how it corresponds with at least 1 of the eligible activities
  • includes information on one or more partnerships within the sign language interpretation community such as those between:
    • educational institutions
    • associations
    • user organizations
    • service providers, or
    • the Deaf community


Your concept must show how it meets at least one of these eligible activities, not limited to activities that:

  • foster the development of sign language interpretation as a professional career pathway
  • contribute to increasing the number of sign language instructors and interpreters across Canada
  • support Deaf people in training for and gaining work experience as interpreters or sign language instructors
  • develop continuous learning and development opportunities to support interpreters throughout their careers

How we assess your application

The application and review process consists of 2 steps.

  • Step 1: Screening for eligibility and initial assessment

    During Step 1, we will screen your concept application form to see:

    • if you are eligible, and
    • conduct an initial assessment against the criteria listed under the "Eligibility" section
  • Step 2: Invitation to submit full proposal

    During Step 2, we will only invite a portion of applicants from Step 1 to submit a full proposal. The invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee funding.
    The invited organizations will have 6 weeks to submit a full proposal. Further instructions will be provided to the invited organizations.

The Proactive disclosure page discloses details on funded projects.

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