Apply for funding under the Foreign Credential Recognition Program – Innovation and skilled newcomer employment: Eligibility

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2. Eligibility

The eligibility of your application will be determined and your application will be assessed against the criteria below. If you submit more than one project, we will only review the first one received. Applications submitted by another organization for a project in which you are a partner do not count towards this limit. Any other documents not requested as part of this process will not be reviewed.

Eligibility requirements

Your organization must meet the eligibility criteria to apply for this program. Otherwise, your application will not be considered.

  • The application must be received by Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • The funding requested from ESDC does not exceed $800,000
  • The project concept is no longer than 30 months in duration
  • The application is from an eligible organization:
    • Regulatory body;
    • Professional association;
    • Not-for-profit organization;
    • Industry association;
    • Union; or
    • Post-secondary institution.
  • The project concept targets highly skilled newcomers
  • The project concept demonstrates how it will improve the integration of highly skilled newcomers into the Canadian labour market
  • The project concept demonstrates how it uses an innovative approach
  • The project concept demonstrates how it uses a collaborative approach
  • The application follows the format requested in the section How to complete your application, and is presented clearly

Assessment criteria

This section describes how we will assess your project concept to determine its overall quality.

  • Objective: The project concept supports the development and implementation of innovative and collaborative approaches that improve the integration of highly skilled newcomers into the Canadian labour market.
  • Results: The expected results are well articulated and clearly linked to the proposed activities and the objective of the project.
  • Need: The project concept addresses a well-defined need, and demonstrates how it will benefit the target sector/occupation and newcomers.
  • Innovative: The project concept demonstrates how it will test new programs, services, or systems, or rethink/adapt an existing approach to address specific barriers to the integration and employment of highly skilled newcomers into the Canadian labour market.
  • Collaborative: The project concept demonstrates how it will use a collaborative approach to improve the integration of highly skilled newcomers into the Canadian labour market.
  • Timelines: Timelines of activities and deliverables are clear and the project can be delivered in the stated time.
  • Budget: Costs are reasonable to support the proposed deliverables.
  • Experience and expertise: The organization has the experience and expertise to carry out the project or indicates how they will obtain that expertise to ensure the success of the project (for example through collaboration or contracting).

Consideration may be given to:

  • Applications that have the potential to be applied more broadly (for example, local to regional, regional to provincial, provincial to national, working with others in the sector, implementation in multiple provinces).
  • Applications that secure additional financial or in-kind contributions from sources other than ESDC.
  • Factors such as geographic coverage and gender.

Note to organizations located and operating in Quebec

The Québec National Assembly adopted an Act respecting the Ministère du Conseil exécutif (RLRQ, chapter M-30). This Act provides, in particular, that all Québec public bodies must obtain the authorization of the Québec government before entering into any agreement with the federal government, one of its departments or government agencies, or with a federal public agency. Any entity that is subject to the Act is responsible for obtaining the necessary authorization prior to the conclusion of such an agreement. If your proposed project is successful, ESDC will allow a reasonable amount of time for you to obtain the authorization from the Government of Québec. If you are unable to obtain the required authorization in a reasonable amount of time, your application could be rejected.

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