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Wildfire accommodations

The Call for Proposals has been extended by 2 weeks, up to September 28, 2023 for all applicants.

If you have been impacted by the wildfires and this is impeding your ability to complete your application, please contact us.

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To apply, you must meet all the following eligibility criteria.


Your organization must be 1 of the following types:

For organizations with offices in multiple locations, each individual location is eligible to apply for funding. However, they must operate independently and have a separate governing structure. Organizations that do not operate independently may only receive a maximum amount of $25,000 for all locations.

Organizations can only submit 1 application per project. Multiple projects may not exceed a total of $25,000 per organization.

The following organizations are eligible with the agreement of their provincial or territorial government:

Note to organizations in Quebec

The Protocol of Agreement establishes the terms and conditions of cooperation between the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec for the implementation of the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). The application process was discussed with Quebec’s Secrétariat aux aînés. This process is consistent with the Protocol.


Your project must meet all of the following criteria:


Examples of eligible activities:

Ineligible activities include, but are not limited to:

What the funding can be used to pay for

Eligible costs

All costs must be reasonable and support project activities. Costs cannot exceed $25,000.


Should your project require renovations and/or repairs, provide a minimum of 1 quote.


Salaries, wages and mandatory employment-related costs (MERCs) must not be more than 25% of the eligible costs of the funding request from the program. If the amount you request exceeds this threshold, we will adjust the amount requested so it meets the 25% maximum.

You can use the following calculation:

  • requested funding ($) x 25% (0.25) = maximum amount for staff wages

For example: You request $25,000 from us. $25,000 x 0.25 = $6,250 is the maximum amount you can request from us for staff wages. This salary maximum allows for more funding to be directed towards project activities.

Ineligible costs include, but are not limited to:

How we assess your application

We may refuse applications that are incomplete or contain errors.

We will contact you to request any mandatory information if it is missing from your application. We will do this before we determine if your application is eligible. If you receive such a request, you must respond within 5 business days of the date we sent the request. If you do not respond before the deadline, we will assess your application with the information on file.

We will review your application in 3 steps by:

Step 1: Screening for eligibility

We will screen for eligibility based on whether the:

It is important to submit a complete application. We will assess your project only if all of the eligibility requirements are met.

Things that may impact your eligibility:

Step 2: Assessing on program objectives

We will assess your application based on the following criteria:

National priorities: 10% of overall assessment

If your project meets any of the criteria in this section, it will receive extra points in the assessment process.

Senior involvement: 10% of overall assessment

Benefits to seniors: 15% of overall assessment

Benefits to the community and Community Support: 15% of overall assessment

Cost effectiveness: 10% of overall assessment

Project activities: 10% of overall assessment

Consideration for new or not recent recipients: 10% of overall assessment

Your organization is considered new if you have not received any NHSP funding before, or if you have received funding prior to 2018.

Priorities of funding allocations: 20% of overall assessment

Funding is distributed as equitably as possible with reach across all provinces and territories in Canada. Funding may be prioritized for projects that:

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