Accident Investigation: A Responsibility to be Taken Seriously!

The Accident Investigation is an essential prevention tool that makes it possible to determine the cause of an accident and minimize risks. Investigation means saving lives!

What to do in the minutes following an accident?

  • Help the injured person or the people in danger
  • Cordon off the accident site
  • Preserve the evidence.

When to investigate?

  • After all accidents
  • In cases of occupational illnesses
  • In any dangerous situation.

Who should investigate?

  • The employer will appoint a qualified person to lead the investigation
  • The occupational health and safety committee or a representative will take part in the investigation.

What to do once the investigation is completed?

A report shall be completed and sent to the Labour Program of Human Resources Development Canada within 14 days of an incident or accident when:

  • An employee suffers a disabling injury
  • An employee loses consciousness following an electric shock or exposure to toxic atmosphere or air depleted of oxygen
  • Life-saving measures, resuscitative interventions or any similar emergency measures are required
  • There is a fire or an explosion.

When must the Labour Program be advised with 24 hours?

  • If there is a death
  • If more than one employee suffer a disabling injury
  • If an employee loses all or part of a limb, orthe total or partial use of a limb
  • If an employee suffers the loss or impairment of a body function (sight, hearing, etc.)
  • If there is an explosion
  • If a boiler or a pressurized vessel ruptures or causes a fire
  • If an elevating device is free falling, damaged or becomes unusable.

Other obligations:

  • Keep a record of all minor accidents
  • Produce an annual report of all accidents in the workplace.

Prevention is everybody's business. According to the Canada Labour Code , all employees are required to advise their employer orally or in writing of an accident or anything that could potentially injure them or their co-workers.

To find out more about:

  • Creating an occupational health and safety committee
  • Investigation procedures
  • Enforcing the Canada Labour Code

Contact any office of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada across Canada.

All enterprises under federal jurisdiction are subject to the Canada Labour Code and its regulations. The Labour Program of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada is responsible for its enforcement.

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