Social Insurance Number in MSCA

You can view your Social Insurance Number (SIN) in My Service Canada Account (MSCA). Once registered or signed in to MSCA, you will be able to view your:

SIN applications are submitted using a separate method. To apply for a SIN and for more information, visit the Social Insurance Number page.

How to view your SIN in MSCA

Please read the instructions below. To view your SIN in MSCA, select the “Register or Sign in to MSCA” button. You will be redirected to the MSCA home page.

Once signed in or registered, select the “Social Insurance Number” button from the MSCA welcome page to view your SIN.

Register or Sign in to MSCA

If you already have a SIN

To register for MSCA, you will need to:

If you have forgotten your SIN

To register for MSCA, you will need to:

If you have recently applied for a SIN online

Your SIN will be available in MSCA once your online SIN application has been processed (normally within 10 business days of your online application). Before registering for MSCA, make sure you have received an email confirming your application has been processed.

To register for MSCA, you will need one of the following:

You will then need to verify your identity. You can use one of the following:

What a SIN Application Number is
  • It is a 12-character number that you receive after submitting your online SIN application
  • You can use it to verify your identity when registering for MSCA, in order to view your SIN
  • It is only valid for MSCA registration once your online SIN application has been processed. You will receive a confirmation email informing you about the status of your application
  • It will expire 21 days after your SIN application has been processed
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