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My Service Canada Account

My Service Canada Account (MSCA) is a secure online portal. It allows you to view and update your information for Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Canada Pension Plan disability and Old Age Security (OAS).

Latest notices

  • Updating your EI & CPP/OAS direct deposit information and mailing address is currently unavailable. Telephone number update is unavailable for EI users only. To make a change:
  • Multi-factor authentication helps protect your identity and personal information when you access MSCA
  • Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer supported. To avoid access issues, please use a recommended Web browser
Keep your personal information safe

Safety tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings when you enter passwords and security codes in public
  • Don't give out or share passwords or security codes online or over the phone, even with family
  • Log off or sign out of accounts and websites when you are finished; don't just close your browser

Sign in

If you already have an access code or a provincial digital ID, choose an option to access MSCA:

New user

If you do not have an account, choose an option to register:

What you can do in MSCA

Avoid technical problems in MSCA

  • Don't bookmark secure MSCA pages (which means the pages you see after you sign in)
  • Use one of the following Web browser:
    • Google Chrome (version 84 or newer)
    • Safari (version 13.1.2 or newer)
    • Microsoft Edge (version 85 or newer)
    • Mozilla Firefox (version 68 or newer)
  • For Apple users, use one of the following operating system:
    • iOS (version 13 or newer)
    • MacOS (version 10.15 or newer)
  • Enable cookies and JavaScript in your browser

Contact information

Contact the following programs with any questions you may have:

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