Regulations administered by Environment and Climate Change Canada

Regulations are one of the instruments in the toolbox that Environment and Climate Change Canada uses to achieve environmental objectives and meet statutory obligations. Regulations are legally enforceable instruments that can create different kinds of requirements on different kinds of activities, including restrictions on some activities and authorizations on others to improve scientific research or commercial activities in an environmentally sustainable manner. They can require reporting, monitoring, research and sharing of information.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is one of the Government of Canada's most active regulators, administering over 70 regulations that regulate certain activities of industries, other levels of government, trading partners and Canadians in every region of the country. Because of this, Environment and Climate Change Canada is always seeking to improve its regulatory performance as a part of its commitment to achieve regulatory excellence.

Below you will find links to Environment and Climate Change Canada's regulations along with information on many of its regulatory programs including Frequently Asked Questions.

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