Regulatory stock review plan: Environment and Climate Change Canada

This regulatory stock review plan (the plan) is a public list describing the planned reviews of regulations for Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). The plan was developed in accordance with the Cabinet Directive on Regulation and proposes to review ECCC’s stock of regulations over a 10-year period (2019-2029). Beyond 2029, ECCC will continue to review its stock of regulations, on an ongoing basis, in order to help ensure that regulations are effective and achieve their policy goals. The plan is intended to give Canadians, including Indigenous peoples, trading partners and businesses, a greater opportunity to inform the reviews of regulations and to plan for the future.

The department established the plan based on a set of criteria, which included the age and last amendment dates of each regulation, availability of a performance measurement plan and data, implementation issues identified, and alignment with planned and past reviews.

This plan will be adjusted and updated annually to reflect ECCC’s regulatory priorities and changes to the operational environment.

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