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This information from the Minister’s transition binder was current as of November 2019. We don’t update this page as it is part of the historical record.

Communications are central to the Government of Canada’s work and contribute directly to the Canadian public’s trust in their government. Within Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the Communications Directorate provides Canadians with timely, accurate, clear, objective and complete information about its policies, programs, services and initiatives.

As Canadians increasingly use technology to communicate in their daily lives, the Department has increased the number of platforms used to engage Canadians (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, the WeatherCAN App), but also continues to rely on traditional tools (e.g., news releases). ECCC Communications has the capacity to provide full service communications support from traditional and creative product development, speeches, web publications, and support for media availabilities including videography, social media and livestreaming as well as event logistics. Using new and traditional approaches to communication enables ECCC to reach and engage with Canadians effectively and efficiently in the official language of their choice, regardless of where they are located.

In developing ECCC’s communications approach, the department works closely with the Minister’s Director of Communications to ensure that ECCC delivers the communications products and services most relevant to the Minister’s mandate and priorities. The Communications Directorate also works closely with Program partners, in tandem with the Minister’s Director of Communications, to proactively identify communications opportunities for the Minister. These opportunities are presented in short to medium term calendars that are informed by the Program work of the Department, public opinion research on priority subjects, advertising initiatives and issues management.

Government of Canada communications are guided by a number of policies and legislation including with respect to official languages, accessibility, political neutrality and federal identity. The Communications Directorate ensures that ECCC complies with these requirements. ECCC Communications is also responsible for responding to individual requests for information through the public inquiries centre as well as working with the Minister’s office in responding to media requests for information and interviews. In addition, the corporate Communications team informs and engages employees regarding internal departmental activities and initiatives.

An overview of ECCC’s communications services is provided on the following page.

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