6. Recommendations and management responses

The following recommendation is based on the findings and conclusions of the evaluation, and is directed to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Corporate Services and Finance Branch, as the senior official functionally responsible for the Policy on Results and for Gs&Cs, including the UTCs.


In consultation with the ADMs responsible for the related programs, review the performance measurement and reporting processes for Gs&Cs under the UTCs in order to help ensure that

  • a) UTC expected results are considered as part of the development of the corresponding Performance Information Profiles under the new TB Policy on Results; and
  • b) UTC contribution project files are fully documented and include the funding recipients’ final project or contribution reports.

Even though each UTC specifies expected results and associated performance indicators, and each contribution agreement includes one or more of these expected results, the evaluation found no evidence of performance reporting against these UTC expected results and indicators. Moreover, there is limited information on project short-term outcomes in project final reports, which focus primarily on the degree of completion of funded project activities and outputs, and there is no departmental management information on consolidated project-level performance. To support current efforts in the department to develop or refine program performance indicators for Performance Information Profiles (PIPs),Footnote 33 the expected results and indicators in the UTCs should be reviewed and considered for inclusion as part of a measurement strategy for Gs&Cs in the applicable program areas. In addition, it is suggested that the need for program officials to review the UTC expected results and indicators be included in the guidance document for the preparation of PIPs being developed by Corporate Management Directorate (CMD). These measures would help to improve the available performance information on the effectiveness of Gs&Cs under the umbrella authorities in contributing to program outcomes in order to support evidence-based decision making.

In addition, the evaluation noted that for a significant number of the contribution projects and files examined, the recipients’ final project reports were not available.

Management response

The ADM, Corporate Services and Finance Branch (CSFB) agrees with the recommendation.

Management action

  • a) ECCC is presently implementing the requirements of the TB Policy on Results, which includes the development of a Performance Information Profile (PIP) for each Program listed in the new Program Inventory. As part of this work, the Gs&Cs Centre of Expertise (Gs&Cs CoE) within CSFB will undertake consultations with representatives from Branches who have Gs&Cs responsibilities to ensure that UTC expected results and indicators will be considered for integration into the Program PIPs. This work will not entail the development of performance frameworks specific to the UTCs, although the UTCs will be referenced in the PIPs as required by TBS guidance. Completion of initial PIPs for all Programs is anticipated by the end of March 2017.
  • b) The Gs&Cs Centre of Expertise (Gs&Cs CoE) within CSFB, in consultation with representatives from Branches who have Gs&Cs responsibilities, will undertake a review of the Final Project Reporting Template to ensure that it includes information related to program results and make any necessary changes to the template. The requirement to have a fully completed Final Project Report with other project documentation will be reinforced with Project Managers. The ADM (DG) Gs&Cs Committee will be engaged and provide oversight.
Timeline Deliverable(s) Responsible party
a) March 2017
b) June 2017
a) UTC expected results and indicators will be considered for integration into Program PIPs.
b) The Manager’s Gs&Cs Guide will be updated to reflect the new results reporting requirements in the final reports. Training sessions such as the annual “What’s New in Gs&Cs” will outline the new requirements.
a) CMD and Branches
b) G&C CoE and Managers with Gs&Cs responsibilities
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