Annex B – Summary of findings

Evaluation question RatingFootnote 35
1. Continued need for the program Acceptable
2. Aligned to federal government priorities Acceptable
3. Program consistent with federal roles and responsibilities Acceptable
Evaluation question Rating
4. Achievement of intended outcomes:  
i. Immediate outcome 1: Research capacity is maintained in areas that align with ECCC’s and federal government priority areas Acceptable
ii. Immediate outcome 2: High quality science-based knowledge and data are made available to address Canada’s water quality and aquatic ecosystems health legislated mandates and commitments Acceptable
iii. Immediate outcome 3: Risk-based mechanisms are in place to support water quality monitoring using cooperative and integrated approaches with others Opportunity for improvement
iv. Intermediate outcome 1: Water resource managers use timely and relevant science-based information and data to support decisions related to water quality Opportunity for improvement
v. Intermediate outcome 2: Key risks associated with water quality and aquatic ecosystems health are identified, assessed or managed Acceptable
vi. Final outcome: Canada’s water resources policies and programs are informed by water quality and aquatic ecosystems health data and information from ongoing research and monitoring of waters under federal jurisdiction Acceptable
5. Program is implemented in an efficient and economical manner Acceptable
6. Governance clear, appropriate and efficient Acceptable
Other governance considerations Opportunity for improvement
7. Performance data collected and reported Opportunity for improvement

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