6. Recommendations

Based on the nature of this evaluation, which focused on the overall Adaptation Theme and the diversity of the different Adaptation program elements, the recommendations reflect observations that were common to most relevant program elements. Accordingly, the recommendations are broadly-worded and reflect the understanding that, while generally applicable across all elements, each responsible federal partner should specify through its management responses and action plans how these recommendations should best be addressed for its respective program elements.
The following recommendations are directed to the senior management in each of the nine federal organizations responsible for delivering the Adaptation Theme programming, with the exception that INAC and TC are excluded from Recommendation 4. No areas of concern were found in reviewing the financial information provided by these two departments.

Recommendation 1

Review current adaptation program delivery to identify opportunities to expand engagement among new and existing stakeholder groups and increase awareness of information, products or activities.

Program outreach and information sharing are key mechanisms for increasing awareness of the need for adaptation. Program efforts to promote collaboration led to outputs that are responsive to stakeholders’ needs. A majority of key informants reported that there is an opportunity to increase engagement with new and existing stakeholders. Not all stakeholder groups are considered to be adequately represented and not all opportunities to benefit from the involvement of specific stakeholder groups are currently being leveraged. As well, some respondents expressed difficulty finding products and noted that adaptation activities are not well advertised among target audiences.

Recommendation 2

Review mechanisms for collaboration and information sharing between the Adaptation program elements, as well as with other federal and non-federal program partners, in order to leverage best practices and resources and avoid duplication of effort.

Findings suggest there is a lack of awareness at the working level of activities taking place or progress made in other program elements towards the achievement of outcomes. While some coordination and collaboration among program elements has been occurring, there is an opportunity to increase information sharing and collaboration, including sharing of best practices, tools and lessons learned, among federal and non-federal partner organizations involved in climate change adaptation programming.

Recommendation 3

Review the current performance measurement framework and data to improve tracking and reporting on progress toward Adaptation-theme level intended results.

The Theme-level PMF does not adequately capture all relevant intended outcomes for all of the program elements. Only half of the program elements have one or more intermediate outcomes listed in this PMF, with even fewer listing a final outcome and very limited data was reported for these outcomes. While some relevant performance data is being collected and reported, a lack of data on the effects of activities at a community or population level was identified. There are opportunities for improvement related to increased data collection and analysis, including, for example, the collection of pre and post data on the level of awareness at the targeted community, sector and general public levels and analyses of output utilization and its impact.

Recommendation 4

In collaboration with the departments’ respective Chief Financial Officers, review current processes for opportunities to improve program tracking and reporting of financial information for Adaptation program elements.

Approved funding for the Adaptation Theme included both new funding and funding from the existing reference levels of some of the involved organizations. Although there is coordinated horizontal financial reporting on new funding to Treasury Board Secretariat, not all organizations within the Adaptation Theme were able to provide budget and/or expenditure figures for existing funding or details to sufficiently account for variances between budgets and expenditures for both new and existing funding. This in turn precluded a detailed analysis of the financial information across the Adaptation Theme program elements.

Management responses

Due to the number of participating Adaptation partners and the diversity of program elements under the Adaptation Theme, each partner department is encouraged to address the recommendations in a manner that best meets the needs of its relevant program and to coordinate with other partners as appropriate in developing its management responses. Accordingly, the individual management responses are not included in the body of this report. It is the responsibility of each partner to develop and publish its own management responses under separate cover.

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