Audit of business continuity planning, Environment and Climate Change Canada: Appendix A – Audit criteria

Line of enquiry 1: Departmental governance framework – A departmental governance framework is in place for the management of departmental BCP

Departmental governance structures that actively support business continuity planning are in place and their roles and responsibilities have been documented, approved and communicated to all stakeholders.

A departmental policy framework defining roles, responsibilities and expectations for BCP is in place.

A department-wide systematic approach to identify and prioritize departmental critical services is in place.

Line of enquiry 2: Departmental BCP processes – Departmental BCP processes are in place for the development, implementation, testing and update of departmental business continuity plans

The Department has conducted the business impact analysis (BIA).

The Department developed recovery strategies for the critical services identified in its BIAs, which take into account interdependencies with other departments.

The Department developed business continuity plans to ensure the continuity of its critical services and critical support services.

The Department coordinates with critical support service providers and other key internal stakeholders when developing, testing and updating its business continuity plan to ensure integration between all parties.

The Department ensures that sufficient and relevant training and tools are provided to enable BCP and recovery activities.

The Department ensures that its business continuity plans are periodically tested, updated and reflect interdependencies with other stakeholders.

Line of enquiry 3: Monitoring – Departmental monitoring processes are in place for the oversight of BCP readiness

The Department monitors and reports on the effectiveness of its business continuity plan.

The Department monitors its compliance with BCP related requirements in the Treasury Board Policy on Government Security and informs the Secretariat of any gaps.

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