Special studies data

Measurements of a variety of air pollutants, all at once, we call a special study. Special studies are as short as a few weeks to as long as several years. Regular monitoring, however, is typically longer term (five years or greater for a continuous data record).

Special studies measurements may be at the surface (ground-based), from an aircraft (airborne) or from space (satellite). These measurements help us to understand chemical processes in the atmosphere and better understand air quality.

Typically, many air quality data types are gathered under one topic name to assist researchers in gathering their data sets.

The NAtChem archive contains the following data:

You can also get data files from all of the measurements of special studies

Measurements of Special Studies of Atmospheric Gases, Particles and Precipitation Chemistry.

Further reading on how we measure and produce these data is in the documentation below.

Information about Special Studies of Atmospheric Chemistry

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