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Regular measurements of the atmosphere help us monitor and understand air quality. These regular measurements are done using a monitoring network or a study. The monitoring networks and studies produce data from a wide variety of observations and measurements. These data are gathered into data collections. The data collection may be a specific data type, such as atmospheric particles, from a specific monitoring network. A data collection may also combine data sets from many networks or present data from a special study.

The networks and studies listed below contribute data to the Canadian National Atmospheric Chemistry Database and Analysis Facility (NAtChem). These networks are from Canadian federal and provincial networks from both the past and present. Also included are data from U.S. historical networks.


Canadian Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CAPMoN)

Great Lakes Basin (GLB) formerly known as IADN

Mercury Deposition Network (MDN)

Mercury Monitoring Network (MMN)

Study sites

You can also get data files from all of the networks and studies.

Data from all networks and studies.

Further information about these contributing networks and studies can be found in documentation provided by each network or study. General information about networks and studies is in the documentation below.

Information about Networks and Studies

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