Interim Plan 2001 on Particulate Matter and Ozone

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Message from the Minister of the Environment

A clean and healthy environment is essential to a sustainable economy and to ensuring the health and quality of life of Canadians. Air quality is a significant environmental concern to Canadians, and that is why, as outlined in the January 2001 Speech from the Throne, clean air is a priority for the Government of Canada. Through policy, partnerships, technological solutions and science, we are working to deliver on the commitment to clean air.

To reduce the hospital admissions and the 5,000 premature deaths we know occur each year due to poor air quality, we are setting courses of action in transportation, industrial emissions, improving our science, working internationally and engaging Canadians at home.

There has already been significant progress since clean air was declared a national priority in May 2000. A notable example is the recent announcement of a Canadian action plan for implementing the Ozone Annex to the Canada-U.S. Air Quality Agreement. We are also working with the provinces and territories to implement the Canada-wide Standards that will reduce emissions of particulate matter and ozone.

The greatest cause of air pollution is being addressed through a ten-year regulatory agenda to reduce pollution from all vehicles and engines, and from the fuels that power them. Never before has a government in Canada produced an agenda for action on products that so many people know and use. We are also seeking to strengthen our investments in the science that is needed to move us forward - to improve our air quality data and predictions, and to give Canadians the information they need to protect themselves. In this way, we can provide the motivation Canadians seek for the individual and community actions that are necessary for an effective solution.

The Interim Plan 2001 on Particulate Matter and Ozone furthers the clean air agenda and raises the bar for action and commitment, but it is not the final word. We will report back on our progress and we will continue to explore new solutions to secure a clean and healthy environment for ourselves and for our children.

David Anderson, P.C., M.P.
Minister of the Environment

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