Air Quality Health Index classroom kit, grades 5 and 6, environment: chapter 4

Rotating Placement

  1. Think about the environmental impact when people get, prepare, and use natural resources to make electricity.
  2. Turning the Placemat
    Write in the section in front of you. Then, rotate the mat and write in another section. Repeat the process until you get your own section back.
  3. Plus, Minus, Interesting
    Under each topic, organize your ideas under plus (+), minus (-), or interesting (I).
    • Plus: Sentences or questions that support the topic.
    • Minus: Sentences or questions against the topic.
    • Interesting: Any interesting idea.
  4. Extracting, preparing, and using natural resources to generate electricity
    • Get it: Think about how natural resources are harvested or extracted. What pollution happens here?
    • Prep it: Does the generation station use raw materials or do natural resources have to be processed first? Is any construction necessary? What pollution happens here?
    • Use it: What pollution is caused when the electricity is made? Are there other environmental effects?
    • Other: What things do you hear about it in the news, from family, etc.?
Environmental effects
Long description

Rotating mat with a square at its center where the inscription “Environmental effects of generating electricity by” followed by a line allowing the identification of the electricity source” appears. 4 bold lines split the square in themes: use it, prep it, get it, others. Each theme is then subdivided in 3 by dash lines with the inscription +, - and capital I.

Did You Know?

Environmental impact is the effect, usually negative, of a human activity on a local area.

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