How to use the Air Quality Health Index

Follow these simple steps to use the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)

Image: How to use the Air Quality Health Index

Step 1.

When planning outdoor activities use the “maximum forecast AQHIs” and corresponding health messages as a guide. These values estimate the maximum that the AQHI will reach during each of the forecast periods. (Forecast AQHI box)

Check the current hourly AQHI as you go about your daily activities. (Current AQHI box)

Step 2.

Listen to your body and “calibrate” how you are feeling with the index value - air quality affects you differently depending on your risk. You can determine your level of risk to air pollution by consulting your physician or the “determine if you are at risk” page.

Step 3.

Follow the health advice given in the corresponding health messages.

Step 4.

Read these “Did you know…?” tips and take action to improve the air you breathe.

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