Canadian Environmental Protection Act: equivalency agreements

Section 10 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) authorizes the Minister of the Environment to enter into an equivalency agreement with a province, territory or aboriginal government if the minister and the government of the other jurisdiction agree, in writing, that there are in force under the laws applicable in that jurisdiction:

  • provisions that are equivalent to a regulation made under CEPA
  • provisions similar to sections 17 to 20 of CEPA allowing for citizens to request investigation of alleged offences

Where such an agreement has been entered into with another government, the Governor in Council may make an order declaring that the provisions of the CEPA regulations that are the subject of the equivalency agreement do not apply in the jurisdiction of that government.

The intent of equivalency agreements is to minimize the duplication of environmental regulations. The minister is responsible for reporting annually to Parliament on the administration of equivalency agreements.

Existing equivalency agreements under CEPA are listed below.

British Columbia

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