Environmental Code of Practice for base metals smelters and refineries

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March 2006
EPS 1/MM/11 E
Metals Section
Natural Resource Sectors
Pollution Prevention Directorate
Environmental Stewardship Branch
Environment Canada



Please take note of the following corrections to the equations on page 29 of the Environmental Code of Practice for Base Metals Smelters and Refineries, CEPA, 1999, first edition (EPS 1/MM/11 E). The changes have been made to the on-line version.

Equation 1 should read

pKa = 0.0901821 + 2729.92 / T

T = temperature in K (= T in °C + 273.15)

Equation 2 should read

f = 1 / [ 10(pKa - pH) + 1]

f = fraction of total ammonia that is un-ionized
pKa = dissociation constant from equation 1

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