Final report from the Advisory Council on Climate Action: section 2

Summary of recommendations

Built environment

  • The Government of Canada should ensure that tools to support standardized building labelling are available for adoption by provinces and territories, and maintain these tools on an ongoing basis.
  • The Government of Canada should lead by example and publicly disclose energy use ratings for all federal buildings.
  • The Government of Canada should accelerate the pace of deep retrofits in its assets and communicate the results of these projects, including through an open database with project-level information on performance.
  • The Government of Canada should ensure that standardized tools and approaches to measure the expected and actual performance of retrofit projects are broadly available. The Canada Infrastructure Bank should be operationalized with expertise to disseminate these best practices, and to build and aggregate pipelines of local retrofit projects.
  • The Government of Canada should consider implementing a performance-based incentive for retrofit activities in the form of an accelerated capital cost allowance, similar to that of the United States
  • Based on an assessments of needs, the Government of Canada should increase investment in capacity-building activities, including to promote energy literacy and technology demonstration.


  • The Government of Canada should begin a regulatory process to implement a Zero Emission Vehicle mandate by 2022-23 that will position Canada to ensure that ZEVs represent at least 10% of new vehicle sales in 2025, 30% in 2030 and 100% in 2040.
  • The Government of Canada, working with partners and stakeholders, should develop an integrated strategy to reduce emissions across modes of transportation, including actions to support modal shifts. The strategy should identify opportunities to accelerate the adoption of low-carbon technologies by federally regulated entities and ensure that federal policies and investments in infrastructure are targeted and coherent.

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