Carbon pollution pricing: options for a Federal Greenhouse Gas Offset System, chapter 13

Project registration

Registration will be required for each offset project. Projects can be registered once Federal Offset Protocols are developed and approved for use in the Federal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Offset System. Only reductions that occurred after the federal offset system is in place will be eligible to generate Offset Credits. Registration demonstrates that the offset project is eligible for offset generation and credit issuance, but does not guarantee that Offset Credits will be issued to the project proponent.

At the time of registration, a Project Proponent must demonstrate legal ownership of the credits associated with the GHG reductions or removals resulting from the offset project. These requirements also apply to aggregated offset projects.

Aggregated projects

Environment and Climate Change Canada recognizes the value of project aggregation for certain activity types. Aggregation occurs when a collection of projects or project activities that are eligible under the same protocol are grouped together by a Project Proponent in order to pool GHG reduction potential and reduce costs that may be related to verification, transactions, and administration. Environment and Climate Change Canada expects to have a separate application for the registration of aggregated federal offset projects. That application process will be specified further in draft regulations and protocols where applicable.

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