Final Report by the Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities: section 3

Notes on our report

The Government of Canada’s decision to phase out traditional coal-fired electricity by 2030 applies to the production and use of thermal coal. It does not impact metallurgical coal. All references to coal in this report exclude metallurgical coal, unless otherwise stated.

As a Task Force, we were not asked to advise on the merits of the coal phase-out. That is the Government of Canada’s decision. Our mandate was to identify possible solutions that could support a just and fair transition for Canadian coal power workers and communities.

For the purposes of this report, including its recommendations:

  • affected workers means workers who have permanent jobs (full-time or part-time) at a coal mine or a coal-fired generating station, now and throughout the transition including those workers who were laid off from these facilities starting in 2017
  • affected communities means communities that depend on a coal mine or a coal-fired generating station for employment, tax or royalty revenue, services, impact benefit agreements, or economic activity

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