Clean technology, innovation and jobs

A vision for a clean, innovative economy embraces both economic growth and environmental protection. Supporting our economy for future generations will mean creating jobs and positioning Canadians to take advantage of new opportunities both at home and abroad. The Government of Canada knows that clean, innovative technologies are central to successfully addressing climate change and to growing a clean global economy.

The Pan-Canadian Framework will support clean growth and innovation by making Canada a leader in the development and deployment of ‘breakthrough’ clean technologies. It will:

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Janine is an entrepreneur in Dawson City, Yukon. She has developed a technology that makes buildings more energy efficient. She wins a contract from the Government of Canada to supply her climate-friendly technology in building new government buildings. This helps her expand, improve her technology and bring down her costs to compete with traditional builders. She brings her product to trade shows across North America. This helps her become a clean technology leader and build a successful business.

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  • Carbon pricing coupled with investments in research, development, and marketing will build Canada’s clean technology sector.
  • Clean energy is already one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. Canada’s clean energy sector has 20 times as much wind energy capacity and 125 times as much solar electricity capacity as it did a decade ago.
  • The Canadian clean technology market generated about $11.6 billion in revenue in 2014, and exports accounted for half of these revenues. The 2016 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report estimates that the clean energy sector directly employs 55,600 Canadians and analysts have suggested that, with support, the number of jobs in the sector could reach 76,000 in 2022.
  • This fall, the Government of Canada announced $21.9 billion over 11 years for green infrastructure which will include targeted investments to support greenhouse gas reductions and enable greater climate change adaptation and increased resilience. This investment will in part support the attraction of the capital investments necessary to transition Canada's electricity system towards 90 percent non-emitting by 2030.
  • Canada’s prosperity depends on a healthy environment. Strategic investments today will spur economic growth in the short and long term, while protecting the environment and well-being of Canadians.
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Sustainable Development Technology Canada estimates its projects have reduced annual emissions by 6.3 MT of CO2, generated $1.4 billion in annual revenues and, in 2015, supported more than 9,200 direct and indirect jobs.

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