Re-exports and permit renewals: application forms

Re-export certificates - application to be used when the animals or plants originate from a foreign country and were brought into Canada with a foreign Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) permit. A copy of the foreign permit used to bring the specimens into Canada must be provided as evidence of the entry into Canada of the specimens. Items to be re-exported may be in a form different than when initially imported into Canada. For example a reptile skin could be imported and subsequently re-exported as pairs of boots.

Renewal of an expired permit - form to be used when a permit expired or will expire before it can be used. The original copies of the unused permit must be returned along with the request for renewal. The new permit will be a replica of the original expired permit. This form cannot be used to request changes to the information on the permit; a new permit request must be submitted when changes are required.

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