Disposal at sea: renewable permits

Disposal at sea permits are valid for a maximum length of 1 year. However, permits for routine, low-risk projects may be eligible to be renewed as many as 4 times.

Eligibility for renewal

Your initial permit application must indicate whether the permit should be considered for renewal and indicate the number of renewals requested, to a maximum of 4. This allows us to assess the application over the time requested, to a maximum of 5 years. We will inform you if your permit is eligible for renewal and the number of years for which it will be eligible. 

To be eligible for renewal, you must:

  • be in compliance with all permit conditions for valid permits or other relevant statutory requirements
  • have no history of material at the load site that has been deemed unsuitable for disposal at sea
  • ensure that loading and disposal sites are consistent with those described in permits issued in the last 5 years.

Renewals will not be permitted and a new application will be required in cases where:

  • the chemistry is no longer valid, or
  • the quantity exceeds the total quantity assessed under the Schedule 6 assessment.

Applying to renew a permit

When your permit is deemed eligible for renewal, you can apply by:

  • submitting it at least 90 days before the existing permit expires
  • providing the $2,555 application feeFootnote1
  • showing the notice of application was published.

When the application is deemed complete, you will be notified in writing. A decision on whether the permit will be renewed or refused will be given by us within 45 days of your written notice.

Similar to the initial permit, the renewed permit will need to be published in the CEPA Registry at least 7 days before the effective date of the renewal.

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