Ontario regional marine guide

There have been countless words of weather wisdom written over the ages. Most are true much of the time; however, exceptions exist because each saying was based on a particular region and its prevalent cloud feature. Variations in the direction of motion, time of year, local effects, and the unpredictability of some weather situations can change the expected outcome.

This publication contains information on specific local weather effects for the Great Lakes and some of the smaller inland lakes of Ontario.

The Guide itself is divided into two sections: Meteorology 101 and Regional Weather. The first section includes this chapter and five others focused on wind, sea state, fog, ice, and other hazardous weather. The second section offers detailed information on local weather conditions in the Atlantic, Pacific, Ontario, St. Lawrence/Quebec, Prairie, and Arctic regions.

Example of one of the local effect maps in the publication.

Example of one of the local effect maps in the publication.

This guide will educate and enable you to enjoy your outing on the water and make it safer as well. We recommend that you download and read the MET 101 portion of the guide first in order to understand the meteorology better that is described in the Ontario regional Marine Guide.

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