Lightning in Canada

Did you know that lightning flashes occur in Canada about 2.34 million times a year, including about once every three seconds during the summer months? Did you also know that each year in Canada, lightning strikes kill up to 10 people, seriously injure up to 164 others, and ignite some 4,000 forest fires?

Clearly this is a form of severe weather which affects Canadians often, and that is why Environment Canada is working hard not only to better predict when and where lightning will strike, but to keep you informed about lightning and its dangers.

In this section, you will find out where Environment Canada scientists have identified lightning strike hot spots across the country. You can find out where strikes are currently happening, in near real-time in your local area and across the country. You can also check out important lightning safety tips, learn about the Canadian Lightning Detection Network, and much more! 

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Test your Lightning Knowledge

1) Where is the lightning capital of Canada?

1. Windsor, Ontario
2. Drumheller, Alberta
3. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
4. Elie, Manitoba
5. Rimouski, Quebec

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