Wood preservation facilities, creosote: chapter D, table 3

Table 3. Regulatory Limits for Creosote Components in Natural Water Bodies

Element Limit value Basis (objectives) Agency
Oil and petrochemicals For the protection of aquatic life, should not be present in concentrations that exceed 5% of the median lethal concentration in a 96-hour test for any sensitive local species

Oil and petrochemicals should not be present in concentrations that:

  • can be detected as a visible film, sheen or discoloration on the surface;
  • can be detected by odour;
  • can cause tainting of edible aquatic organisms; or
  • can form deposits on shorelines and bottom sediments that are detectable by sight or odour, or are deleterious to resident aquatic organisms.
International Joint Commission a
Benzo(a)pyrene in water Maximum concentration 0.01 µg/L Protection of drinking water (aesthetic considerations) Health Canada b
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) Please refer to the CCMEsummary table Protection of aquatic life CCMEc

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