Response to comments received on the Proposed Prohibiting the Manufacture and Import of Wheel Weights Containing Lead in Canada Regulations


In July 3, 2021, we published the proposed Prohibiting the Manufacture and Import of Wheel Weights Containing Lead in Canada Regulations, for a 70-day period to solicit comments from stakeholders.

One anonymous written submission was received through the online regulatory consultation system of the Canada Gazette and 3 industry stakeholders asked questions about the timing of the implementation of the regulation.

General comment

Comment summary: The Canadian Government should stop spending taxpayer’s money on lead pollution issue.

Response: Lead is toxic to human health and to the environment. The Regulations would reduce the presence of lead in the environment and reduce risks to the health of Canadians through the prohibition of lead wheel weights. Several alternative material exist for wheel weights and there is no reason to continue using lead. The market does need leverage to cease the usage of lead and main industry stakeholder are supportive of the Regulations.

The Regulations are based on a scientific risk assessment of the potential effects of lead on the environment and health of Canadians, are inline with international regulatory standards, and do not require any additional government expenditures.

Comments on the Timing of the Regulations

Comment summary: Three questions were received regarding the timeline when the Regulations will comes into force and whether dealers will be allowed to use any remaining stock of lead wheel weights after the regulation comes into effect.

Response: The regulations are anticipated to come into force in 2023. On July 3, 2021, the proposed regulations were published to engage with stakeholders and collect comments. The final regulation are expected in 2022 and would come into force 12 months later. The sale of remaining stock of lead wheel weights already in Canada will be allowed after the regulations comes into effect.

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