About the National Pollutant Release Inventory

The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) is Canada’s public inventory of releases, disposals and transfers. It tracks over 320 pollutants from over 7,000 facilities across Canada. Reporting facilities include factories that manufacture a variety of goods, mines, oil and gas operations, power plants and sewage treatment plants.

The information that facility owners and operators must report to the inventory:

  • helps Canadians understand pollutants releases in their communities
  • encourages actions to reduce pollution
  • helps track progress

Information collected

The NPRI collects information on pollution from facilities, such as:

  • releases from facilities to air, water or land
  • disposals at facilities or other locations
  • transfers to other locations for treatment and recycling
  • facilities’ activities, location and contacts
  • pollution prevention plans and activities

Targeted facilities

Facility owners and operators may need to report if they meet at least one of these conditions:

  • the facility’s employees work more than 20,000 hours (about 10 full-time employees) per year
  • specific activities (such as incineration, wood preservation, wastewater treatment or fuel combustion) take place at the facility
  • the facility manufactures, processes, uses or releases NPRI substances above reporting thresholds
We provide tools and guidance to help them:
  • determine if they have substances to report
  • calculate their releases, disposals and transfers
  • submit their report on-line through the Single Window Reporting System

Useful source of information

Our data helps inform decisions on protecting the environment by:

  • allowing Canadians to track pollutants in their communities
  • identifying and acting on environmental priorities
  • helping facilities reduce and prevent pollution
  • monitoring changes to air and water quality
  • helping to forecast air quality
  • evaluating releases and transfers of substances of concern
  • studying impacts of pollution on our ecosystems and human health
  • implementing policy initiatives and risk management measures

Use NPRI data and reports

The NPRI reports are publicly available. All levels of government, companies, organizations, researchers and citizens can use the data.

Find out about pollutants in your community by using our data:

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