Build a Pollinator Garden – Protect Nature Challenge

Pollinators are creatures that move pollen from one plant to another, helping in the pollination process. They depend on flowering plants for their survival.

In Canada, these species include bees, flies, moths, butterflies, wasps, some beetles, and many bird species, especially hummingbirds.

Many pollinators are now under threat due to loss of habitat, non-native plants and pesticides. Without these species, we would lose most of our flowers, fruits, vegetables and other essential plant life.

You can help.

Plant a pollinator garden in your yard or community. Use a wide variety of flowering native plants. Everyone will love the beautiful flowers and the pollinators that come to visit them.

Find more about how to make the perfect pollinator garden or download a Canada planting guide for your region.

Let’s do this together

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Need inspiration?

Check out our list of challenges to help protect nature.

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