Rethink Your Consumer Habits – Protect Nature Challenge

Overconsumption and waste use a lot of our planet’s resources and cause pollution, harming our natural areas.

It’s time to reflect on your consumer habits. Here are the “9 Rs” of sustainable living:

  1. Rethink – Consider the types of products you bring home. Find an alternative to all the plastic packaging. Borrow the item from someone else. Wait 30 days before purchasing a luxury item and then decide if you really need it.
  2. Refuse – Say no to things you don’t need, such as free gifts and plastic bags at the cash.
  3. Reduce – Avoid buying things you don’t need. Donate any extra items you may have. Many communities have “buy nothing” groups online where you can share items with your neighbours. Try to keep your house footprint small and reduce meat consumption too.
  4. Reuse – Use glass jars and reusable containers for meals and check second-hand shops for other items you may need.
  5. Repair – See if broken objects and damaged clothing can be repaired before you throw them away.
  6. Repurpose – Get crafty. Repurpose old objects to make them into something new and original.
  7. Rot – Compost unusable food scraps or leftovers, yard waste and other natural fibres. Check with your municipality for accepted items.
  8. Recycle – Clean your used containers and check guidelines for your local recycling facility. Many items can be recycled rather than sent to the landfill.
  9. Recruit – Encourage your family and friends to make changes in their environmental habits.

Find more with the Pollution prevention resource finder.

Let’s do this together

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Need inspiration?

Check out our list of challenges to help protect nature.

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