Support Protected and Conserved Areas – Protect Nature Challenge

Protected areas are the magical corners of the world, which we turn to when we remember, between those busy moments in life, the true importance of nature.

What we forget, all too often, is that protected areas are not just beautiful park distractions but absolute necessities. They are the cornerstones of nature conservation, providing refuge for the natural world.

Here are the top five ways to help protected and conserved areas:

  1. Visit and participate. Connecting with nature is the best way to understand why nature needs to be protected. Discover a protected area open to the public, where you can hike, bike, fish, ski, camp or participate in nature programs. The longer you stay, the more you will feel connected to the natural world we are all a part of. Learn more about Canada’s national protected areas including national parks, national wildlife areas, migratory bird sanctuaries and marine conservation areas. Don’t forget about the provincial and regional protected areas across Canada.
  2. Keep nature natural. When in a protected area, it’s important that you leave no trace and respect the wildlife around you. Stay on the marked trails. Don’t leave garbage behind (and pack out garbage you do see). Leave the animals alone. (Do not feed them.) Take pictures (not shells) when at the seashore. Leave nature as you found it.
  3. Go somewhere new. Stay away from the crowds. This option is a great way to connect with and protect nature. Find some new place, go midweek, at twilight or during cooler weather. Get out and enjoy the quiet and peace of nature. Read more about the best ways to enjoy Parks Canada places.
  4. Volunteer. Get behind the scenes, learn something new and make a difference. Join a scientist in cutting-edge research, share your knowledge with an eager group of school kids, or discover and document treasures—the opportunities are endless! Find out more about volunteering with Parks Canada or other protected areas near you.
  5. Support protected areas. Protected and conserved areas need your support. Let others know that you want to help protect nature in your area by using your voice and supporting the hundreds of organizations and government entities across the country, and around the world, in an effort to help protect nature.  
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Need inspiration?

Check out our list of challenges to help protect nature.

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