Effluent Regulatory Reporting Information System user guide: chapter 5

5.0 Select or Create Your Organization

After logging into SWIM and verifying or setting up your profile, you then need to either select or create your organization. 

1.  Click on Organizations in the left hand menu.

2.  If your organization is already established in SWIM (i.e.: you are already reporting for EC programs other than ERRIS), the name and business number of each organization you are connected to will be displayed.  

Select the organization of choice from the list provided to review and/or update as needed.

Figure 5-1: View Organizations

View Organizations

3.  If you are a new user, there will be no organizations listed on the page.  If your organization is not present in the database, you will need to add it

i) Select Add a New Organization on the Organizations page

ii) Enter your organization name and/or business number.  Click Search.

Figure 5-2: Search Organization

Search for an existing organization

If you are having difficulty finding the company you are looking for, specify fewer characters and try searching again.

iii) After confirming your organization is not already in the database (i.e.: your organization is not displayed in search results list), click Add a New Organization again.

Figure 5-3: Add Organization

Add New Organization

iv) On the following screen, enter all required information related to your Organization and then click Save to create this organization. 

As creator of this organization, you (i.e. your profile) will automatically be designated as the ‘Organization Lead’ in SWIM but you will still require user roles in order to perform the various specific tasks in ERRIS. 

As the Organization Lead, you can grant access to yourself or to others (refer to Section 7.0 Managing Access for your Organization/Facility)

The Organization Physical and Mailing Addresses in SWIM are used to populate the Owner Civic and Mailing Address, respectively, in ERRIS.

Figure 5-4: Complete Organization Information

Complete Organization Information

4.  After you have created your organization, select the Organizations hyperlink from the left hand menu. The organization should now be displayed on the screen.

Figure 5-5: Organization is Displayed

Organization Information Displayed

Once you have added/created your organization you can then create facilities that are associated to the organization as described in the next section.

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