Effluent Regulatory Reporting Information System user guide: chapter 6

6.0 Reviewing or Creating Facilities for your Organization

As the Organization Lead, you can now add a facility to an organization as follows:

1.  Click Organizations located in the left hand menu.

2.  Select the organization from the list to which you wish to add a facility by clicking on the organization’s name.

3.  Click Facilities in the left hand menu.

Figure 6-1: Add Facility

Add Facility

4.  The list of facilities currently connected to the organization (if any) is displayed. To add a new facility, click Add a New Facility button.

5.  You will be prompted to search the database first to be sure the facility does not already exist in the system.  You may search by Facility Name, Postal Code/Zip Code, or both.  Enter the information and then click Search.

Figure 6-2: Search Facility

Search for an existing facility

6.  If the facility is not found (i.e.: your facility is not displayed in search results list) then click Add a New Facility again.

Figure 6-3: Select Add a New Facility

Select Add new facility

At least all mandatory information such as Name, Ownership Type, etc. (i.e. all fields marked with an asterisk below) must be populated.

Figure 6-4: Save New Facility

Save new facility screen

7.  Enter all required information related to the Facility and then click Save to create your new facility.

The Physical (Civic) Address of the Facility will be carried forward from SWIM to the Identification Report “Wastewater System Information” section.

8.  At this point, as the Organization Lead, ensure you grant access as a Regulatee or Signing Authority (to either enter and/or approve reports, respectively) to yourself or any other resource belonging to this facility who is tasked with these roles.

See section 7.0 Managing Access for your Organization/Facilityregarding how to Manage Access.

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