How to use the public weather alert maps and tables

New and Improved Alert Maps and Tables

The alert map displays all forecast regions in Canada, with coloured regions indicating those regions with alerts in effect. The new and improved alert maps and table now include the alert type “special weather statement” along with warnings and watches. The special weather statement will be identified on the maps by the dark grey colour, and will be listed in the table below the maps under the new header “statement”.

Figure 1. Sample Alert Map showing warnings and watches in Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Please refer to Tables 1 and 2 below for map descriptions.

Figure 1. Sample alert map showing distribution of alerts. Please refer to tables below for map descriptions.


The new and improved table below the alert maps lists all forecast regions with alerts in effect. Selection can now be made at the level of a province or territory, a region or an event name. Selecting a province or territory name will take the user to that province or territory alert page, which includes a table listing all regions with alerts in effect. This is the same as clicking on a province or territory on the National alert map. Selecting a region name will take the user to the top of the region alert page. Selecting the event name will take the user to the details for that event in that region’s alert page.


Table 1. This is an example summary table of public weather alerts across Canada.
(Please note, these alerts are not in real-time).
Location red - warning Warning yellow - watch Watch dark grey - special statement Statement
Bonnyville - St. Paul - Cold Lake - Lac la Biche Snowfall Winter Storm Special Weather
Swan River - Duck Mountain - Porcupine Provincial Forest   Winter Storm Special Weather
Hudson Bay - Porcupine Plain     Special Weather
Kamsack - Canora - Preeceville     Special Weather
Meadow lake - Big River - Green Lake - Pierceland     Special Weather
Melfort - Tisdale - Nipawin - Carrot River Snowfall   Special Weather
Prince Albert - Shellbrook - Spiritwood - Duck Lake     Special Weather


On the provincial or territorial map, the user can click on a region on the map and be taken to the alert listing page for that region. The alert listing page will give a summary, in chronological order, of all alerts in effect for that region.


Table 2. Colours used for different alert types
Colour Meaning
 red - warning Red: region with a weather warning in effect
 yellow - watch Yellow: region with a watch in effect
 dark grey - special statement Dark Grey: region with a special statement in effect
 light grey - no alert Very Light Grey: region with no alert in effect
 white - no forecast or alert service White: region with no forecast/alert service
 hurricane icon - Tropical Cyclone Information Hurricane icon: Tropical Cyclone statement

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