Weather resources for the media

Environment and Climate Change Canada is our nation's official source for weather, water and climate data in Canada and our nation's only official source for severe weather warnings. Media sources such as radio, television, newspapers and Web have free access to Environment and Climate Change Canada weather data 365 days a year.

Media can access our data via:

National alert aggregation dissemination system (NAADS)

Environment and Climate Change Canada feeds much of its weather warning information to the National Alert Aggregation Dissemination (NAAD) System. This free information system gives easy access to distributors like radio, television and web so that they can broadcast the alert messages. Distributors like Google Public Alerts and the Weather Network receive Canadian weather alert information through the NAAD System. This information is also distributed to TV and radio broadcasters through the new national public alerting system called Alert Ready.

Weather media site

To better serve the Canadian media, Environment and Climate Change Canada has created a free weather web service dedicated to the media where members of the media can configure their personalized weather pages and access the complete range of current weather information, including weather warnings for their locations of choice. offers up-to-the-minute information on current weather conditions, forecasts and warnings for over 800 locations across the country. It also provides the public with access to a variety of other products, including marine information, satellite and radar imagery, weather models, long-range predictions, and resource material on weather-related phenomena. also serves as an entry point for other environmental information. If you are looking for maps and forecasts of ice conditions on major marine routes, these can be found on Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Canadian Ice Service site. You can also access historical weather information through a link to the National Climate Data and Information Archive, as well as information on water levels in the nation’s lakes and rivers as monitored by Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Water Survey of Canada.

Media enquiries

For direct media inquiries and requests, please contact Environment and Climate Change Canada’s media relations.

RSS feeds/WeatherLink

Be notified when there is a change in the weather forecast or conditions for a particular area by subscribing to our free Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.  Please note that RSS products are available in "near real time" - a delay of up to one minute is possible between information appearing on the web and the reception of the notification via RSS.

Use WeatherLink on your website to provide visitors with Environment and Climate Change Canada’s up-to-date weather information, including weather watches and warnings. We offer two options:

Learn more by visiting our Data services webpage.

Telephone services

Environment and Climate Change Canada’s telephone weather services allow Canadians to get their weather almost anywhere there is a cellphone signal or a land line. Environment and Climate Change Canada offers two types of telephone services for weather information. One is a free automated recording of current conditions, forecasts and warnings for many communities in your local calling area. The other is live weather consultation, a 1-900 user-pay consultation service for people who want more detailed information or advice. It puts callers in contact with one of our weather experts, or with specialized consultants who are available to discuss marine weather and past weather events and trends.

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