Meet Luc and Pierre – Chapter 1: What money meant to you has a child

From: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada


Text on screen: The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada presents Money Break: A series on financial wellness, Coffee Edition

Bluebarn Coffee Roasters

(The camera shows a row of Bluebarn coffee bags.)

Text on screen: Bluebarn Coffee Roasters is a company founded by family and a group of very close friends. They met in Wakefield, Quebec, to pursue their dream of making very, very good coffee.

They built a beautiful blue barn for a roastery, and then they went to work.

(A blue barn is surrounded by sunflowers and trees.)

Text on screen: This is their story.

(Luc Alary watches over a commercial coffee roaster, which is stirring coffee beans. The scene changes, and Luc and Pierre Alary are standing in front of the blue barn.) 

Text on screen: Bluebarn Coffee Roasters Chapter 1: Meet Luc and Pierre

(Luc is sitting in a sunny room.)

Luc: My name is Luc Alary. I’m 37 years old. I live in Wakefield in Quebec and I work for Bluebarn Coffee Roasters and the Canadian Red Cross.

(Pierre is sitting in front of large burlap bags filled with coffee beans.)

Pierre: I’m Pierre Alary. I’m 33 years old. I live in Ottawa. I’m a tax lawyer and I’m also the owner of Bluebarn Coffee Roasters. 

(Luc is handling a commercial coffee roaster.)

Luc: I’m one of the founders of Bluebarn Coffee Roasters. We incorporated in 2015, then we launched during the summer of 2016. 

Text on screen: What is your first memory about money?

Pierre: My first memory with money must be when I was young and I was buying hockey cards. I had to save my money so I would have enough to buy the next pack of cards and finish my collection. 

(Images of hockey cards and comics appear to the left of the screen.)

Pierre: Hockey cards, comics, and rare coins. Lots of collections, that’s what money was for back then. I had to save money so I could buy what I wanted as a little kid.

Luc: My first memory of money… Actually, I think I was spoiled as a child, to be honest. That means I didn’t really worry about it until I was a teenager. When I was a young teenager, I became a climber, basically, rock climbing. 

(Two people are climbing up a rock cliff.)

Luc: I was really passionate about it, but it’s a pretty expensive sport when it comes to all the equipment, and travelling to find new spots. 

So that’s really it. That’s my first memory, getting paid and then spending almost all of it at Mountain Equipment Coop to get, you know, new safety gear, things like that. I was spending everything on my experiences. Me and my buddies went climbing out in the country, and you bring back memories that I still have with me today. 

(The blue barn reappears.)

Text on screen: Continue Luc and Pierre’s story in Chapter 2: What is financial wellness?

(The Canada wordmark appears.)

Off-screen voice: A message from the Government of Canada


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