Mission, vision and principles


FCAC's vision is to be a leader and innovator in financial consumer protection.


FCAC’s mission is to protect, supervise and educate. To achieve this, the Agency:


FCAC’s core principles are intended to foster an organizational culture that prioritizes the well-being of its team members and the achievement of its consumer protection mandate.

One mandate, one team

We are committed to working together across the Agency toward our fundamental purpose of protecting financial consumers.

Diversity, equity, inclusiveness and bilingualism 

We are committed to building a diverse workforce that respects Canada’s official languages, fostering a strong sense of belonging for our team members, and meeting the evolving needs of Canadians in a rapidly changing, digital world.

Evidence-based and data-driven

We are committed to leveraging the best available evidence, data and expertise to make informed regulatory decisions and deliver effective interventions to protect financial consumers.


We are committed to continuous improvement by exchanging information and knowledge, learning from the external environment, and responding proactively to emerging issues that affect financial consumers.


We are committed to protecting financial consumers in collaboration with local, national and international stakeholders. We will also strengthen existing partnerships and build new ones to expand our reach and impact.

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