Join the discussion: Renewing the National Strategy for Financial Literacy

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This consultation took place from November 2, 2020 to January 29, 2021.

As we embarked on the renewal of the National Strategy for Financial Literacy, we wanted to seek ideas on how all Canadians can strengthen their financial literacy.

About the consultation

Through an online engagement, we were seeking the input of individual Canadians, as well as stakeholders from all sectors involved in the field of financial literacy. The consultation was anchored by a consultation paper designed to present ideas, ask questions, and gather feedback on how we can continue to strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians in the years to come. We invited Canadians to share their thoughts regarding the proposed goals for the strategy, what types of initiatives could best support the goals, and how to report on our collective actions. We also invited them to tell us about the steps they are taking to reach their financial goals, the resources they are using to achieve them and share tips they have for others.

What we heard

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