Canadians’ Financial Well-being: Summary of FCAC survey findings

The following dashboard presents the results of two FCAC surveys: the COVID-19 Financial Well-being Survey and the Survey on Canadians’ Use of Bank Products and Services.

Dashboard on Canadians’ financial well-being

How to navigate the dashboard

The dashboard contains two different pages that can be accessed by the tabs located at the top of the dashboard: “Financial well-being" and “Bank products and services”. The tab shown in colour indicates the page currently displayed on your screen. You can move your mouse over charts and graphs to get more targeted information (where available). This dashboard has been produced with Microsoft PowerBI, which offers several keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate the dashboard.  

Keyboard shortcuts in Power BI

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Show Keyboard shortcuts: Shift + Question mark (?)

Across the product

  • Move focus between sections: Ctrl + F6
  • Move focus forward in section: Tab
  • Move focus backward in section: Shift + Tab

Pane navigation

  • Multi-select: Ctrl + Space
  • Collapse a single table: Left arrow
  • Expand a single table: Right arrow
  • Collapse all tables: Alt + Shift +1
  • Expand all tables: Alt + Shit + 9
  • Open a context menu: Windows context key or Shift + F10

On visual

  • Move focus to visual menu: Alt + Shift + F10
  • Show as table: Alt + Shift + F11
  • Enter a visual: Ctrl + Right arrow
  • Enter a layer: Enter
  • Exit a layer or visual: Esc
  • Select or unselect data point: Enter or Space
  • Multi-select: Ctrl + Enter or Ctrl + Space
  • Right Click: Windows context key or Shift + F10
  • Show or hide data point tooltip: Ctrl + H
  • Clear selection: Ctrl + Shift + C

Slicer accessibility

  • Slicer control: Ctrl + Right arrow

Dashboard on COVID-19 surveys

The COVID-19 Financial Well-Being Survey

This survey launched in August of 2020 and runs monthly. It changed names to the Monthly Financial Well-being Monitor in July 2023.

It collects information about the following:

The information provided in the COVID-19 Financial Well-Being Survey dashboard compares the latest monthly wave of data with findings from the 2019 Canadian Financial Capability Survey which provides insight on Canadians Financial knowledge, abilities and behaviours prior to the pandemic.

The dataset for the COVID-19 Financial Well-Being Survey is available upon request: Data Request Form.

The Survey on Canadians’ Use of Bank Products/Services (UBPS)

This survey launched in July of 2020 and ran until April 2021.

Areas of focus include:

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