Why you may need insurance, making a claim, making a complaint and more.


Services and information

How insurance works

Why you may need insurance and what to consider before getting insurance.

Getting an insurance policy

Choosing an insurance company, broker or agent and maintaining your insurance coverage.

Making an insurance claim

The steps to make an insurance claim and what to do if your claim is refused.

Making a complaint about your insurance provider

The steps to make a complaint about an insurance company, agent or broker.

Disability insurance

Short-term and long-term disability insurance plans, what they cover and what to ask before buying.

Life insurance

Term life insurance, permanent life insurance and how to name a beneficiary.

Health insurance

The different types of health insurance and what they cover.

Car insurance

Car insurance coverage, how premiums are set and how claims work.

Home insurance

Home, condo and tenant insurance, how premiums are set and how claims work.

Home insurance for unexpected events and disasters

Unexpected events, flood, earthquake and sewer backup insurance.

Credit or loan insurance

How credit or loan insurance works and how to get it.

Travel insurance

Why you need travel insurance, travel advisories and assessing travel health insurance plans.

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