Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion: Areas of Work

Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

There are knowledge gaps around the broad determinants of eating behaviour and the effectiveness of current interventions to support healthy eating. However, policies and programs that support healthy eating and enhance population health require evidence-based research and the capacity to measure progress and outcomes. The research, monitoring and evaluation function of the ONPP plays a critical role in addressing these challenges by:

  • planning, conducting, coordinating and synthesizing relevant research to support national policies and programs;
  • coordinating the development of a national food and nutrition surveillance system; and
  • initiating and supporting evaluation activities.

Policy and Standard Setting

While the most current nutrition research findings can come from various sources around the world, to be relevant in Canada, all nutrition information must be put in a Canadian context. The policy and standard setting function of the ONPP has developed processes to ensure that dietary guidance is scientifically sound and gives Canadians a clear, consistent and accurate message by:

  • developing and revising dietary guidance policies for Canadians based on current scientific knowledge;
  • establishing required standards and putting forth relevant positions regarding issues of nutritional importance; and
  • developing strategic plans to support the development of national policies and contributing to related departmental initiatives.

Planning, Dissemination and Outreach

The Planning, Dissemination and Outreach function of the ONPP involves the communication of relevant nutrition messages to consumers, communicators, educators, and decision makers by:

  • disseminating relevant information on policies, research, monitoring and evaluation;
  • implementing appropriate interventions with partners; and
  • developing interventions to achieve policy objectives.

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