How we are transforming the Pest Management Regulatory Agency

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About the transformation

Over the years, Parliament, stakeholders, independent researchers, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, the public and the PMRA itself have suggested ways to improve how the PMRA works.
These include ways to:

Transforming the pesticide program is a key priority for the PMRA and a mandate commitment for the Minister of Health.

Four pillars of transformation

The agency has built its transformation on four pillars of action:

  1. improved transparency
  2. increased use of real-world data and independent advice
  3. strengthened human health and environmental protection through modernized pesticide business processes
  4. targeted review of the Pest Control Products Act

1. Improved transparency

The scientific assessment process for pesticides protects human health and the environment. The review process is rigorous, evidence-based and complex. We recognize that the transparency and openness of our work is critical in strengthening trust in our regulatory decisions.
To help people understand what our role is and how we regulate pesticides in Canada, we are:

Openness, transparency and accountability are guiding principles of the Government of Canada. That is why we are making more data and information available to Canadians than ever before.

2. Increased use of real-world data and independent advice

We rely on data from a variety of sources, including:

Currently, PMRA's access to comprehensive, real-world data and independent advice about pesticides is limited. We are working to diversify the sources and increase the volume of information used to make decisions on pesticides.
When reviewing pesticides for human health and environmental safety, it's important to consider:

We are :

We have also created a science advisory committee to obtain independent scientific advice on certain scientific aspects of our work.

3. Strengthened protection of human health and the environment through modernized business process

We will make changes to our business processes to ensure more responsive pesticide life cycle monitoring. Specifically, we are currently working to :

4. Targeted review of the Pest Control Products Act

As part of this transformation, we have conducted a targeted review of the Pest Control Products Act. This targeted legislative review has helped the PMRA to determine whether legislative changes to the PCPA are required to modernize and strengthen the regulatory system on issues like transparency, modernized business processes and the use of real world data.

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