Strategic Policy Branch

The Strategic Policy Branch (SPB) plays a lead role in health policy, communications and consultations.

Major responsibilities of the Branch

Within Strategic Policy Branch, we strive to develop effective policy responses to a range of priority, emerging, and cross-cutting issues that impact the health of Canadians. There are many governmental and non-governmental organizations working towards improved health outcomes in Canada, including provincial and territorial ministries of health, professional organizations, research organizations, the program branches of Health Canada, and the agencies within the federal Health Portfolio. Our objective is to promote national coordination and development of a strong, shared knowledge base to address health and health care priorities for all Canadians. We also aim to facilitate successful health system adaptation to changes in technology, society, industry and the environment, such that Canadians will continue to be protected from health risks, have access to quality health care, and gain positive health benefits from information and innovation.

We engage in a variety of policy activities to achieve our objectives. This includes managing targeted funding programs to stimulate health system research and renewal, administering the Canada Health Act, drafting new health protection legislation and regulations, developing and distributing federal position papers on emerging issues, and setting up new agencies. We also take a leadership role for the Department in strategic planning, intergovernmental and international affairs, Cabinet and parliamentary relations, and providing policy advice and support to the Minister of Health.

Offices and Directorates

The programs of SPB are carried out by the following offices and directorates:

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