Grants and Contributions

Grants and contributions programs are important mechanisms through which Health Canada works with funding recipients and stakeholders to deliver a wide variety of health programs. These programs help to maintain and enhance the health of all Canadians.

Health Canada grants and contributions programs support initiatives that fall into three broad categories. Those which are provided:

  • to address major national health priorities or health issues for which there is no one departmental infrastructure, expertise or specialized resources to administer them (e.g., Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada, Hepatitis C Research Strategy, etc.)
  • for health promotion programs where community organization participation is essential for success, and
  • for research projects that further the development of knowledge, policy or program delivery (e.g., contribution programs that help the Canadian Institute for Health Information coordinate the development and maintenance of a comprehensive and integrated health information system).

We hope this information kit will help you to meet your project's goals and objectives. Please contact your Program consultant should you have any questions or concerns.

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