Canadian Pain Task Force Meeting: March 22, 2019

Ottawa, Ontario

Meeting Summary

Meeting Objectives

Participants: Fiona Campbell, Maria Hudspith, Melissa Anderson, Jacques Laliberté, Jaris Swidrovich, Linda Wilhelm

Regrets: Manon Choinière, Hani El-Gabalawy

Secretariat: Andrea Currie, Andrew Taylor, Megan Wyszynski, Gisèle Jean

Government of Canada Observers: Pamela Ponic (Public Health Agency of Canada), Michelle Peel (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)

Opening remarks: Eric Costen, Health Canada

Introductory Remarks

Eric Costen, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Controlled Substances and Cannabis Branch, provided opening remarks, welcoming Task Force members and highlighting the important role that external advisory bodies play in helping governments to work through complex and challenging policy problems.

Andrea Currie, Director, Canadian Pain Task Force Secretariat, provided an overview of the meeting objectives and further reinforced the role of the Secretariat as liaisons across government departments both inside and outside of the health portfolio.

Overview of Context and Purpose of the Task Force

Andrea Currie presented on the impetus for creating the Task Force, their mandate and key themes of inquiry, and the communications process involved in the launch of the Task Force. Key points of discussion initiated by members included:

Clarifying Objectives, Members Expectations, and Terms of Reference

In reviewing Task Force objectives, expectations, and Terms of Reference, Task Force members discussed:

External Advisory Panel

Task Force members discussed the role of the External Advisory Panel and reviewed potential Panel candidates. Members considered diversity and representation across geographic, social, cultural, and disciplinary dimensions, identified and made recommendations to address gaps, and requested additional details regarding candidates.

Follow-up Items

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