Health Canada Frequently Asked Questions

Avian Influenza

If you have specific questions about avian, seasonal or pandemic influenza, consult the Government of Canada Pandemic Influenza web page, call our Hotline at 1-800-454-8302, or contact the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Health Cards

Q. How do I apply for a health card or replace my present health card? Who do I contact for a change of address for my provincial health care?

A. Health cards are a provincial and territorial responsibility. Please contact the health ministry of your province or territory for more information. Health Canada Online has links to these Provincial/Territorial Ministries of Health. For additional information on Canadian health care insurance, please consult the Canada Health Act Frequently Asked Questions.

How to order a publication

Q. How to order a publication

A. Health Canada offers reports and publications on a variety of health-related topics for individuals and organizations. You can order publications and resources free of charge from our Health Canada Ordering System.

You can also order our publications by phone and mail by contacting our Publications Office.

Medical Advice

Q. I have a personal medical problem and am seeking advice. Are you able to provide me with such advice?

A. Health Canada is not engaged in rendering medical advice. If you have a medical problem, question or concern, please contact a qualified health professional.

Travel Health Clinics

Q. I am travelling out of the country. What shots are required for my trip?

A. It is recommended that you contact a qualified health professional at a travel health clinic closest to you. The Travel Health has a list of travel clinics across Canada.

Seeking employment in Canada

Q. How can I get a job in Canada?

A. If you are an internationally trained doctor seeking employment in Canada, you can contact the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC). CICIC collects, organizes, and distributes information, and acts as a national clearing house and referral service to support the recognition and portability of Canadian and international educational and occupational qualifications.

You should also contact the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The College is the voice of specialty care in Canada. It ensures that the training and evaluation of medical and surgical specialists in 60 specialties and two special programs attain the highest standards.

A. If you are an international student seeking employment in Canada, contact the worlds largest student organisation, AIESEC is a global network of 50,000 members across more than 83 countries and territories at more than 800 universities world-wide. AIESEC facilitates international exchange of thousands of students and recent graduates each year.

If you are an international student seeking employment in Canada and you have technical expertise, the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) provides work experience abroad for skill enhancement. It also provides support with practical arrangements i.e. work permits/visa, accommodation and travel.

A. If you are interested in working at Health Canada, information about Careers at Health Canada is available in the About Health Canada section.

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