Management Response and Action Plan - Audit of Acquisition Cards at Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada

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Management Response and Action Plan
Recommendations Management Response and Planned Actions Deliverable Completion Date Accountability/ Responsibility

Recommendation 1

The Chief Financial Officer should ensure that results from all monitoring and quality assurance activities are consolidated and effectively communicated to the Departmental Acquisition Card Coordinator.

Management agrees with the recommendation.

The Financial Operations Directorate is currently implementing an internal process to consolidate the results from all monitoring and quality assurance activities.  The information collected will be used to guide training and facilitate enforcement measures outlined in the Standard on Corrective Measures for Non-compliance in Financial and Procurement Transactions.

1.1 Consolidation process documented and approved by Director General, Financial Operations Directorate and Deputy Chief Financial Officer.

December 31, 2018

Executive Director, Policy, Internal Control and Corporate Accounting

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